The Injection Molding module is designed to give students an overview of the injection molding process.

Live online events

  • 24 August
    4 hours, 01:00 PM EDT - 05:00 PM EDT
    • $490.00 excl.
  • 11 October
    4 hours, 01:00 PM EDT - 05:00 PM EDT
    • $490.00 excl.
  • 1 December
    4 hours, 01:00 PM EST - 05:00 PM EST
    • $490.00 excl.
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We kickoff the course by defining processing terms, along with types of molding machines and their common components. After that, we discuss strategies for developing and troubleshooting a molding process, including explanations of common molding defects. Students will then participate in an interactive process development exercise from AIM’s molding lab.

Module Highlights
• Molding machine types
• Common components of molding machines
• Injection screw designs
• Intensification ratio
• Introduction to Fill Time Scan
• Introduction to Pack Time Scan
• Common molding defects
• Strategies for resolving molding defects
• Virtual lab: process development

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