Hire the right people, and we’ll train them the right way with Workforce Evaluations.

Good talent is hard to find. You are looking for a candidate with the ideal mix of work ethic, personality, cultural fit, and technical knowledge. While you may be lucky enough to land one of these unicorns, chances are there are excellent people on your team who would benefit from further training.

workforce evaluations

We want to help you identify the knowledge gaps within your workforce and eliminate those barriers to success so you can focus on getting the best people through your doors and on the path to being loyal and productive employees.

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1. Identify Employees

Send us a list of your employees’ names, email addresses, and job descriptions.

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2. Individual Assessments

We send each of your employees an evaluation. Plan for one hour per assessment.

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3. Analyze Results

AIM’s instructor team analyzes each employees’ results.

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4. Finalize Plan

AIM’s instructor team presents you with a customized
development plan for your workforce.

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5. Measure the Gains

Students are given the opportunity to retake the enrollment evaluation to determine their level of retention.

We offer three types of Workforce Evaluations: Design & Engineering Evaluation, Molding Evaluation, and Moldflow Evaluation.

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