Workforce Development Program featured at Plastics Technology Expo

Teacher in front of smart board presentation at AIMBeaumont Technologies is now offering a new service through its subsidiary the American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute called the Workforce Development Program that will help employees into an elite workforce. The new Workforce Development service has been designed to help employers turn their valuable employees in plastic injection molding companies into top talent.

The main goal of the Workforce Development Program is to determine an individualized educational pathway that will ensure employees are proficient at their current role and prepared to take on additional responsibilities in the future.  The service is designed to identify the knowledge gaps within a company’s workforce and eliminate those barriers so that employees can flourish.  The AIM Institute will do all the education and training so the employer can focus on developing and retaining their loyal and productive staff.

According to Jason Travitz, Instructor of the AIM Institute, “The Workforce Development provides a summary of your workforce’s knowledge, how that knowledge compares to the Industry average, as well as specific recommendations for each employee.  Our recommendations focus on these critical areas: the person’s job function, their current knowledge, and their goals.  This ensures that they are placed in the appropriate educational courses to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to excel at their current role, as well as a pathway for them to reach their future goals. “

Program Information

The new program includes four simple steps to improve the training and knowledge of a plastics injection molding company’s employee(s):

  1. A list of employee’s names, email addresses, and job descriptions is submitted.
  2. Each employee will take an assessment which will be analyzed by the AIM instructor team.
  3. A customized development plan will be provided for the company’s workforce.
  4. Students will be assessed before and after the class to demonstrate increased knowledge and where applicable skills improvement.

The before and after assessment component is critical to ensure that the courses are effective, demonstrating improvements in what employees know and what they can do at the end of a course.

For more information visit 866-344-9694 and stop by Beaumont’s booth #813