The American Injection Molding Institute and ENGEL North America Unveil Corporate Sponsorship to Bring New Injection Molding Machine into Training Lab

aim institute engel partnership
The ENGEL e-mac 265/85 resides in the AIM Institute’s educational lab at the Erie, Pennsylvania headquarters.

The American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute has entered into a strategic corporate partnership with ENGEL North America. ENGEL North America has generously contributed a state-of-the-art injection molding machine to enhance the educational landscape at the AIM Institute’s educational lab. The ENGEL e-mac 265/85 has been brought in to be used in the AIM Institute’s ANAB-Accredited Molding 1, Molding 2, and Molding 3 courses in addition to research and development.

David Hoffman, director of The AIM Institute, has stated “The AIM Institute is excited to have ENGEL as a new corporate partner, and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship. ENGEL went all out on this machine as it comes with their proprietary technology such as e-flomo plus, autoprotect injection monitoring and the full IQ suite of IQ clamp control, IQ melt control, IQ weight control and IQ hold control. We are anxious to get time on this machine to develop some R&D projects to learn how their control system can improve the injection molding process.”

Vanessa Malena, president of ENGEL North America, adds, “Empowering the next generation in the plastics industry through this strategic partnership with AIM is an investment in education, helping to bridge the skilled labor gap. Together, we create a future where knowledge and hands-on training shape a workforce ready to innovate and lead in the dynamic world of injection molding.”

ENGEL North America has become a corporate partner of the AIM Institute, aligning with the AIM Institute’s mission to offer premium education and training to industry professionals. ENGEL North America, a leading provider of injection molding machines, benefits from the partnership by annually presenting its products. The objective of these corporate partnerships is to collectively address knowledge gaps within the injection molding industry through collaborative initiatives.