Mold Maintenance Courses Coming to Erie, PA Headquarters

The American Injection Molding Institute is excited to announce that all five course offerings of Mold Maintenance will be moving to our Erie, Pennsylvania headquarters beginning in 2024.mold maintenance aim erie

Up until the end of November 2023, AIM continued to run all courses from the original Ashland, OH location. However, we felt that we can do a better job updating and adding to the curriculum by having design, molding, and maintenance under one roof within our “Mold Maintenance Center of Excellence” training facility.

We asked Glenn Keith, Instructor of Mold Maintenance at the AIM Institute, for his thoughts on the move.

“I look forward to moving to the AIM Mold Maintenance Center of Excellence and working with their excellent team to add content to existing courses and potentially create new ones that will add additional challenges to the students. It will be like working in a manufacturing setting where the processors, engineering and now maintenance technicians are under one roof and can collaborate on the best practice to achieve the desired results!”

Current Mold Maintenance courses that will be available in Erie include:

More information will be released when available. The first course in Erie is expected to be January 23-26: Mold Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair. Be sure to reserve your seat now before it sells out!