American Injection Molding Institute Begins New Partnership with Corporate Partner BOY to Bring New Injection Molding Machine to Training Lab

BOY machine

The American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute has formed a corporate partnership with BOY Machines, Inc. who have provided a new injection molding machine to the AIM Institute’s educational lab. The BOY Machine will further expand educational opportunities for plastics professionals coming to the AIM Institute to receive education and training on injection molding.

The new machine, a BOY 50E Procan Alpha6, will be used in the AIM Institute’s ANAB-Accredited Molding 1, Molding 2, and Molding 3 courses, where students spend a minimum of 50% of their time learning on machines. Additionally, the machine will be utilized for research and development efforts.

David Hoffman, Director of the AIM Institute, says, “We are fortunate to have BOY as a corporate partner of the American Injection Molding Institute. We have owned a smaller tonnage BOY machine previously and used it in our courses for several years. But the smaller tonnage and shot size of that machine limited the molds we could run in our courses. The larger machine will open up the types of molds and parts our students will get exposed to in our Molders’ Series courses.”

Brian Towler, National Sales Manager of BOY Machines, Inc., states “BOY’s partnership with the AIM Institute is one that will help us get our name out into the market and give us the opportunity to show that we are not a ‘Cookie Cutter machine’ anymore. We hope that our partnership will show the market the capabilities of our machine and show off our technological advances that we have made in the last 20 years. We hope to promote the versatility of our machines through different demonstrations and classes that are held at the AIM Institute.”

Jason Travitz, Senior Instructor of Injection Molding, adds, “We are excited to have the BOY 50E molding machine in the AIM Injection Molding lab for our students to operate and hone their molding skills.  The small footprint with generous tie bar spacing provided flexibility when locating the machine in the lab as well as the versatility to run a variety of molds and materials.  The state-of-the-art Procan Alpha6 controller and servo motor pump system provide an excellent example of the current hydraulic molding machine technology available to the industry.”

BOY Machines, Inc. has joined the AIM Institute’s corporate partners, contributing to the mission of providing high-quality education and training for industry professionals of the AIM Institute, who help make valuable education and training available to professionals across the injection molding industry. As a provider of injection molding machines, BOY Machines, Inc. gains the opportunity to showcase its products to influential professionals annually. The primary goal of these partnerships is to bridge knowledge gaps in the injection molding industry through these collaborative efforts.