• Last month at Autodesk‘s Moldflow Summit 2018 in Troy, Michigan, the American Injection Molding Institute’s Plastics Technology & Engineering Certificate Program was highlighted by General MotorsAaron Leonard, as the required training program for GM’s Global Manufacturing Engineering Body – Polymers division.

    GM’s Technical Director of the Polymer Manufacturing Engineering division, Ron Daul said, “the American Injection Molding Institute has delivered a curriculum which offers the plastics industry a new standard of professional and technical education through their PTE Certificate Program”.

    The Plastics Technology and Engineering (PTE) Certificate Program is the plastic industry’s first and only accredited educational program. The PTE program was developed to bridge the knowledge gap between university education and professional experience. It is the most comprehensive plastics education available outside of a university setting.

    Aaron Anderson-Walker, one of the many GM employees to have graduated, talks about what he got out of the PTE program: “I’ve been able to give insight and confident consultation for programs that utilize injection molding components, as well as general understanding of polymer behavior during a wide range of industry processing methods (compression, injection, etc.). This program has “improved my understanding of the shear behavior/properties of polymers in certain flow conditions, regardless of processing method, and how those shear properties can influence a part during & after the processing phase”.  Aaron’s testimonial is just one of many that AIM has received from the PTE graduates.


    For more information about the AIM Institute’s PTE program please visit: www.aim.institute/pte