The American Injection Molding Institute Enters Corporate Partnership with MATSUI America, Inc. to Bring New Equipment into Training Lab

jason travitz and david hoffman matsui
From Left to Right: Jason Travitz and David Hoffman

The American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute has entered into a strategic corporate partnership with MATSUI America, Inc. We are pleased to announce the introduction of MATSUI America’s products that will be utilized and demonstrated during the ANSI/ASTM E-2659 accredited Plastics Technology & Engineering Certificate Program, Molding 1, Molding 2 and Molding 3 in addition to being used for imagery and explanations in the AIM Institute’s other educational and teaching materials.

Our facility will now feature the MJ6 dryer, a crucial tool for drying materials utilized in various classes, including ASA, PC, Acetal, Nylon, and P

BT. Additionally, a PMD-3.0 machine-mounted hopper dryer will be integrated into our machinery setup, streamlining the drying process for essential materials. To maintain optimal material quality, we will employ the APH in-line dust remover, ensuring dust-free materials for student molding activities. Furthermore, the implementation of the magic catch in-line magnetic separation unit will facilitate the separation of metal c

ontaminants from reground materials. Addressing static concerns, the MSE in-line static eliminator will mitigate static issues in specific materials. These advancements reflect our commitment to providing students with top-tier resources and hands-on learning experiences.

David Hoffman, Director of the AIM Institute, states, “We are extremely grateful for the partnership with Matsui. They are a leading company in material handling, and the MJ6 dryer will increase our ability to run additional materials we within the Molders’ Series courses, in addition to aiding in ongoing research initiatives. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Matsui.”

“We at Matsui America are very excited to partner with AIM in 2024. We feel this partnership is a perfect opportunity to showcase Matsui’s innovative products to benefit both AIM’s students and prospective clients, while doing our small part to help AIM teach industry knowledge and set a path for current and future generations to learn and grow. Matsui America’s array of molding auxiliary products can help lead the plastics industry in terms of innovation, material recycling and overall efficient molding, which very much seems in line with AIM’s goals for its students”, said Mike Kott, General Manager of Business Development, Matsui America, Inc.

MATSUI America, Inc. has become a corporate partner of the AIM Institute, in line with the institute’s commitment to providing high-quality education and training. MATSUI America, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry. The aim of these corporate partnerships is to pool resources and expertise, fostering collaborative initiatives to bridge knowledge gaps within the injection molding industry.