This injection molding education is unlike anything else in our industry. The goal of Molding 3 is to give employees a robust toolbox of plastics knowledge, problem solving techniques, critical thinking skills, and advanced processing methods so that when they do encounter a problem they are able to troubleshoot it effectively and creatively.

  • 16 December
    Two 1-week courses, separated by 8 weeks of online reviews
    Session information
    Week 1
    Mon 16 Dec 08:00 - Fri 20 Dec 17:00
    Week 2
    Mon 24 Feb 08:00 - Fri 28 Feb 17:00
    • $4,725.00 excl.


Molding 3 was created to help advanced molders solve the problems that others in their organizations cannot. This course is for high level molders who are responsible for setting your company’s molding processes and procedures. These individuals are considered your go-to molders; your key employees who are tasked to diagnose your most complex molding problems.

Molding 3 is taught by four high-level instructors with over 90 years of combined industry experience. Each instructor brings a unique skill set and body of experience to the program, providing varied perspectives and leading to a richer and more comprehensive educational experience.

*Please note that all courses and exams are presented in English. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English.


Successfully completed Molding 2 or equivalent; interview with instructor prior to enrollment in course. Computer skills: Excel.

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