AIM Institute Teams Up with Corporate Partner Nissei to Bring New Injection Molding Machine to Training Lab

ERIE, Penn. –  The American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute has formed a corporate partnership with Nissei, who will be providing a new injection molding machine to the AIM Institute’s educational lab. The addition of the Nissei machine will expand educational opportunities for plastics professionals coming to the AIM Institute to receive education and training on injection molding.

The new machine, an all-electric NEX30IV-3EG, will be used in the AIM Institute’s ANAB-Accredited Molders’ Series courses, where students spend a minimum of 50% of their time learning on machines. Additionally, students of the Plastics Technology & Engineering (PTE) Certificate Program and various development courses will have the opportunity to learn on the Nissei molding machine. 

Jason Travitz, AIM Institute Instructor, stands with the new Nissei injection molding machine.

“On behalf of Nissei, I would like to thank Beaumont and the AIM Institute for this wonderful opportunity to bring in one of our machines, an all-electric NEX30IV-3EG, to the AIM Institute,” remarked Mac Otsuka, Nissei Marketing Manager. “We have deep respect for the AIM Institute, a world leader in education and training for the plastic injection molding industry, and are excited to see our machine used for education and training the engineers who lead the future of the industry. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the AIM Institute!”

David Hoffman, Director of the AIM Institute, says, “We are very excited to have Nissei supporting the American Injection Molding Institute. One of the first machines I used in manufacturing during my career was a Nissei machine, and what I found unique at that time was the controller’s logic, which was different from what I had experienced before. We discuss the various types of molding machine controller logic in our courses (series vs. parallel), but until this point we did not have a machine with a parallel controller available for our students to learn on. The Nissei molding machine will provide an interesting learning opportunity for our students.”

Nissei joins several other corporate partners of the AIM Institute, who help make valuable education and training available to professionals of all skill levels across the industry. Corporate partners who provide injection molding machines get to showcase them to hundreds of industry professionals every year, who are oftentimes in positions with indirect or direct purchasing power for their companies. The AIM Institute offers additional benefits to partners, including the opportunity for partners to invite others to the facility and have access to their consignment machine for sales demonstrations, as well as visibility within the facility through corporate sponsor banners. The ultimate goal of these partnerships is to provide top-quality education and training to fill knowledge gaps that exist in the injection molding industry.