AIM “Bridging the Gap” in Plastics Industry Education

Plastics Technology Online recently featured the AIM Institute in an article discussing the Next Generation Plastics Workforce.

“In 2015, appreciating the need to help people in industry working with plastics that were not educated in plastics, the American Injection Molding Institute (AIM) was created by Beaumont Technologies, Inc., Erie, Pa…”

The AIM Institute provides education and training for plastics professionals both with and without industry experience, and frequently sees students come through our PTE Program to fast-track their plastics knowledge instead of returning to a university setting for a years-long education.

“We take an informal poll in every class,” Hoffman says. “We ask, ‘How many people have actually gone to school for plastics?’ Rarely do people raise their hands, and yet, these people are working in the plastics industry, and nobody has told them anything about this stuff.”

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