The American Injection Molding Institute Receives Sixth Consignment Machine from the Sodick Injection Molding Machinery Division at Plustech, Inc.

Sodick GL60AThe American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute, a subsidiary of Beaumont Technologies, Inc., has received their sixth consignment machine from the Sodick Injection Molding Machinery Division at Plustech, Inc. The partnership between AIM and Plustech began in 2017, providing educational opportunities for plastics professionals across the injection molding industry.

The current machine is a 25mm screw / 25mm plunger two stage Sodick GL60A. The machine’s 60ton size is ideal for the AIM Institute to use during instruction as it allows our instructors to use most of the molds we have available on-site. This new machine will be in our educational molding lab and utilized during our ANSI/ASTM E-2659 Plastics Technology and Engineering Program and Molders’ Series in addition to other training courses.

“Sodick was our first corporate partner when we launched our hands-on injection molding courses, and they have now placed their 6th injection molding machine at the AIM Institute.”, says Jason Travitz, senior injection molding instructor at the AIM Institute. “The controller interface is intuitive, making it the easiest machine for a new molder to learn on.  The two-stage injection unit provides fast response times and excellent shot repeatability while the hydromechanical clamp provides high-speed, precise movements.  We are grateful to Kohei, Len and Fred for them providing such generous support of the AIM Institute over the years as we train and educate the plastics industry.”

Corporate sponsors such as Plustech, partnering with the AIM Institute, find that their equipment gains exposure to a more focused audience through AIM’s classes than at sales/trade shows or university consignments. The AIM Institute is grateful for Plustech’s long-term partnership and eagerly anticipates showcasing the latest machine.