AIM’s Molding Math course was designed to teach you the concepts you need for your job using realistic examples that are found daily in a molding shop. This course can be taken by itself, or serve as a refresher before you jump into one of our Molders’ Series courses or the PTE Program.

  • 15 January
    2 days with homework reviews
    Session information
    Day 1
    Mon 15 Jan 13:00 EST - Mon 15 Jan 17:00 EST
    Optional Homework Review
    Tue 16 Jan 12:00 EST - Tue 16 Jan 13:00 EST
    Day 2
    Tue 16 Jan 13:00 EST - Tue 16 Jan 17:00 EST
    • $795.00 excl.


AIM’s Molding Math course was developed based on needs identified in our Molding 2 Enrollment Evaluation.

On overage, the molders taking this evaluation were scoring at a 34%, which was creating challenges for students in our Molders’ Series courses.

This course approaches math from a practical standpoint and is designed to give students an overview of various principles and applications directly related to the injection molding industry, including but not limited to:

  • Machine utilization
  • Hopper capacity
  • Shot volumes
  • Shot weights
  • Injection pressures
  • Intensification ratio
  • Clamp tonnage, and numerous other areas of application.

Students will be assigned homework each day and are provided an answer key so they can check their work. In addition, AIM will provide a detailed worksheet (upon an individual student’s request) that outlines the steps required to solve each homework problem.

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