AIM’s Mold Design Development Course will help attendees gain a working knowledge of mold design and manufacturing. We break a mold down into its five systems and provide discussions on design strategies for each. Our hands-on labs set this course apart from others in the industry!

  • 11 September
    2 days, 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
    • $1,435.00 excl.


We kick off Mold Design by identifying the five key systems of a mold: melt delivery, cooling, structural, venting, and ejection. We will discuss the foundations of each system and how they all affect the formation of the plastic part and the final part quality.

Through the lecture and labs, including a mold tear down and assembly, mold print reading, and a cooling cart demonstration, students learn to identify these common mold components, both on industry molds and on mold prints.

Attendees will learn to evaluate mold design based on the 5 systems and recognize design features that could be improved. They will also learn troubleshooting strategies and the right questions to ask during a mold review process.