AIM Website Receives a Fresh New Look

The American Injection Molding Institute is excited to announce the release of its redesigned AIM website, complete with a new registration system.

The overall website design has been modernized with a homepage video focused on the AIM instructor team. Each course page is symmetrical to the other that will give students the opportunity to always know where to go to register for a class or find the information they require.

The fresh look includes new features such as the new Workforce Development programs – Workforce Evaluations and Pre-Employment Evaluations.

In addition to these features, AIM’s registration process is now easier to use than ever. The actual registration process has been simplified to be more consumer friendly. Paying via credit card is less complicated (though still done through PayPal). Students are also able to create their own accounts to access their own registration and schedule additional courses with a program that takes advantage of autofill.

“There was a need for a new website with a modern look for AIM.” says Beaumont Technologies, Inc. Digital Marketing Coordinator, Ashley Angerer. “We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our students to register for their courses while also providing a sleek, uniform look throughout the website.”

If you haven’t yet, feel free to click around and see the great new changes made to AIM.Institute.