Designed for Retention

The typical ‘learning model’ employed by most training programs was designed to get individuals through a course quickly, and then it is up to the individual to employ their skills after they leave. While this model is efficient in pushing students through coursework and checking boxes on employee development plans, it does not give students the best opportunity to retain what they learned. And if individuals aren’t truly learning new skills, those program aren’t nearly as valuable as they could be.

We recognize that real education takes time. AIM utilizes a research-based pedagogical approach that was designed to give students the best opportunity to retain their new skills.AIM Learning Model


We begin with Lectures and/or Labs (usually on-site at AIM’s headquarters). When the students leave, we conduct weekly Reviews that include Homework assignments. These give students the opportunity to apply the new concepts they learned and ask clarifying questions while working through real-world problems and scenarios. Finally, students are tested on their new knowledge before moving onto the next concept.


The proof is in the data – the AIM Learning Model works.

We evaluate our students’ knowledge before they enter our program and after they graduate. Here is the average score improvement for our PTE graduates who completed the post-graduate evaluation:

Before and After knowledge evaluation for PTE program graduates. Updated 05/03/20