Runner & Gating Design Strategies is based on the best-selling Runner & Gating Design Handbook by AIM’s founder John P. Beaumont.

This live, interactive course is designed to give students an overview of design considerations for the melt delivery system of injection molds.



What will I learn?

The course begins by explaining various aspects of plastic flow within an injection mold and how it may influence shrink and warp in molded parts.

Students then learn several strategies used to decide on gate location(s) for a given part.

The course then teaches various design and layout strategies and considerations for both hot and cold runner systems including gating options and runner sizing strategies.

Course highlights:

  • Plastic flow in a mold
  • Gate location & sizing strategies
  • Pressure drop considerations
  • Volumetric & orientation shrinkage
  • Calculating shear rate
  • Gate types (hot & cold)
  • Types of hot runner systems
  • Cold runner design strategies
  • Runner sizing methods
  • Cold slug wells


How long is the course?

Runner & Gating Design Strategies is four hours long.


Who should attend this course?

This course is for anyone looking to improve their understanding of runner and gating design strategies and considerations.


How much is it?

The registration fee of  $490 includes a hard copy course companion handbook mailed to you.

*Outside of the Continental US? Additional shipping charges will apply for your handbook.


How do I register?

Review the course dates in the table below, and click on the Purchase button to begin the registration process.

*Please note that this course is presented in English only. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English in order to attend.


Available Course Dates

Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Mar 23 - 23, 2021 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Oct 29 - 29, 2021 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)

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