AIM’s Plastics Bootcamp provides course attendees with the introductory, core information they need to understand the basics of each function of the plastic injection molding industry and what it takes to make a plastic injection molded part.

Take one, two, or all five course modules to give your brain a quality workout, improve your decision making, and enhance your knowledge of the injection molding industry.



The Modules

Plastics Bootcamp is broken up into five modules:




Each module is four hours and runs from 1pm-5pm (EST) daily in English.

Attendees will be given an overview of the four key disciplines of the injection molding process: plastic materials, mold design, injection molding, and part design. In addition, we introduce the practical use of mold filling simulation.


Plastic Materials

The Plastic Materials module is designed to give students an overview of various plastic material characteristics.

This module begins by explaining the differences between amorphous and semi-crystalline material classifications, including shrink and warp differences. Students then learn various terms related to and methods used to study and describe how these materials are characterized for rheology.

Finally, the course transitions from conventional rheology into understanding plastic flow inside of an injection mold.

Module Highlights
• Amorphous materials and properties
• Semi-crystalline materials and properties
• Video of crystallinity
• Classifications of shrinkage
• Effect of fibers
• Measuring viscosity
• Shear effect on viscosity
• Temperature effect on viscosity
• Melt Flow Index versus capillary rheometers
• Flow classifications
• How plastic flows in a mold



Mold Design

The Mold Design module gives students an overview of injection molds, including mold terminology and design considerations.

The course begins by explaining the differences between 2-plate and 3-plate molds, and then transitions into considerations for each of the 5 systems of the mold: ejection, venting, structural, melt delivery, and cooling.

Students will then experience a virtual mold tour, including videos of a complete mold disassembly and reassembly while interacting live with the instructor.

Module Highlights
• 2-plate vs. 3-plate molds
• Understanding the 5 systems of the mold
• Parting line considerations
• Hot and cold runner systems
• Importance of cooling
• Types of cooling channel layouts
• Virtual lab: mold tour (4 different molds with videos and images)



Injection Molding (Processing)

The Injection Molding module is designed to give students an overview of the injection molding process.

We kickoff the course by defining processing terms, along with types of molding machines and their common components. After that, we discuss strategies for developing and troubleshooting a molding process, including explanations of common molding defects. Students will then participate in an interactive process development exercise from AIM’s molding lab.

Module Highlights
• Molding machine types
• Common components of molding machines
• Injection screw designs
• Intensification ratio
• Introduction to Fill Time Scan
• Introduction to Pack Time Scan
• Common molding defects
• Strategies for resolving molding defects
• Virtual lab: process development



Part Design

The Part Design module is designed to give students an overview of strategies and challenges facing plastic part design.

The course begins by discussing various part design guidelines and their effect, both good and bad, on the plastic part. The course also provides an introduction to material properties and their influence on the part design, such as the material modulus, and stress / strain considerations.

Module Highlights
• Rib design considerations
• Bosses and gussets
• Effect of draft
• Considerations for living hinges
• Orientation effects on part strength
• Strategies for dealing with undercuts
• Part designs that create warp issues



Simulation Analysis

The Simulation Analysis module of our Plastics Bootcamp is designed to give students a basic understanding of simulation and how it is used in the injection molding industry.

We begin with an overview of terminology and different mesh types used in the simulation program (Autodesk Moldflow). After that, we dive into common uses and outputs so that you can better understand the capabilities and limitations of mold filling simulation.

Module Highlights
• Simulation history in the industry
• Midplane, Dual Domain, and 3D mesh types
• Nodes and types of elements
• Filling and packing considerations
• Process development strategies
• Using simulation to design cooling channels
• Troubleshooting plastic part warp



How long is the Plastics Bootcamp?

Each module is four hours (1pm-5pm EST daily) and the entire bootcamp runs for five days.


Who should attend the Plastics Bootcamp?

This is an ideal course for anyone looking to gain a well-rounded view of the injection molding industry overall, including: new hires, non-plastics engineers entering into the plastics industry, or non-technical personnel such as sales, marketing, and finance. Please note all classes are in English.


How much is it?

Take just one module: $490

Take two, three, or four modules: $425 each
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Take all five: $1,875 total ($375 each)
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Each module includes a printed binder of the course content that will be mailed directly to each student within the continental U.S. Books will typically ship within one to two business days after payment has been received. However, due to the nature of shipments at the present time, we can not guarantee all books will arrive prior to the class especially if a student registers fewer than seven days from the course start date. If that is the case, students may need to supply their shipping account information to cover the expedited shipping costs. For all students outside the continental U.S., we will either need your shipping account information or pay the additional shipping charge of $200 for each shipment. 


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How do I register?

Review the course dates in the table below, and click on the Purchase button to begin the registration process.

*Please note that the Plastics Bootcamp is presented in English only. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English in order to attend.



Plastics Bootcamp course module dates

*Prior to registering, please make sure you are able to meet AIM’s technical requirements for online courses.

Discount codes:
For two-four modules, use coupon code: BootcampBundle
For all five modules, use: GimmeAll5

Plastic Materials

Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Feb 14 - 14, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Apr 11 - 11, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Jun 17 - 17, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Aug 16 - 16, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Oct 03 - 03, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Dec 07 - 07, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)

Mold Design

Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Feb 15 - 15, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Apr 12 - 12, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Jun 22 - 22, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Aug 17 - 17, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Oct 04 - 04, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Dec 08 - 08, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)

Injection Molding

Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Feb 16 - 16, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Apr 13 - 13, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Jun 23 - 23, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Aug 24 - 24, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Oct 12 - 12, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Dec 01 - 01, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)

Part Design

Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Feb 17 - 17, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Apr 21 - 21, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Jun 24 - 24, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Aug 18 - 18, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Oct 05 - 05, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Dec 02 - 02, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)

Simulation Analysis

Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Feb 18 - 18, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Apr 22 - 22, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Jun 16 - 16, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Aug 25 - 25, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Oct 13 - 13, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)
Nov 30 - 30, 2022 Online, Anywhere $490.00 (USD)


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