Jason Travitz

Jason Travitz

Sr. Instructor, Processing

Jason Travitz started at the American Injection Molding Institute with 20 years of industry experience in the injection molding industry.  He began working as an Associate Process Engineer and later as a Process Engineer in the 150+ molding machine operation for Molex in Lincoln, Nebraska.  While at Molex Lincoln he implemented a process development workbook and procedures for creating and documenting 2-stage molding processes for new and existing injection molds.  He planned and coordinated all the new tooling activity in the Molding Plant Pre-Production Area and assisted in the development of the Worldwide Injection Molding Machine evaluation protocol.  In addition, he played a key role in the plant wide implementation of data acquisition systems and cavity pressure sensors for process replication and monitoring.

In 2000, he moved to the Molex facilities in Auburn Hills, Michigan as a Process Engineer responsible for launching new automotive connector programs as well as continuous improvement projects for existing molds.  It was during this time that Jason began teaching Injection Molding courses to Molex personnel in the US, Mexico, China and India.  Jason was promoted to the role of Senior Process Engineer at the Global Design Center while continuing to train and implement advanced technology throughout Molex’s global operations.  His additional responsibilities included evaluating and implementing new technologies such as 2-shot LIM & thermoplastic molding, 3-stage molding, MuCell and CT Scan part inspection & measurement.

Jason later worked as a Technical Program Manager for connectors at Apple.  During his time at Apple Jason was responsible for the global teams of Technical Program Managers and Quality Engineers who were ramping connectors for the Apple pencil and iPhone.  A highlight of his time at Apple was successfully launching an iPX7 rated Lightning connector in the iPhone 7.

Jason then joined the team of instructors at the American Injection Molding Institute.  He led the creation of the Molders’ Series of hands-on injection molding courses.  Jason brings his vast experience, a love of teaching and passion for encouraging molders to think critically to solve molding problems to the classroom.

Jason earned a B.S. in Plastic Engineering Technology and A.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Penn State Erie.  He is also an SDI Scuba diver instructor and PSIAA ski instructor.

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