David Rose

David Rose

Senior Instructor

David Rose is a Senior Instructor and Researcher at the AIM Institute. David brings his passion for science to the classroom and pairs it with his nearly 30 years of industry experience to show how the practical application of science can improve decision making. Additionally, David played a pivotal role in the accreditation of the Plastics Technology and Engineering (PTE) and Molders Series certificate programs, which were credentialed by ANAB.

Prior to joining AIM, David has served as the Strategic Account Manager for Beaumont Technologies, Inc. He has previously worked in the consumer products industry where he held roles in new product development, manufacturing, and tooling and process development engineering. In these roles he worked primarily with thermoplastic materials using the injection, extrusion blow, and rotational molding processes.

As a Product Development Engineer David worked with a cross-disciplinary team to develop entire product assemblies that would be designed for manufacturability while maintaining the Industrial design intent for product functionality, aesthetics, and meet stringent safety requirements.

As a Manufacturing Engineer David acted as a liaison between corporate engineering and company manufacturing locations to help ensure that new products being developed could be efficiently molded and readily assembled.  He worked as a team member responsible for establishing the first Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing line in one of the manufacturing facilities. This involved coordination between the molding departments and line assembly to ensure that the appropriate parts were available to the assembly line as they were needed and that that proper assembly instructions were readily available.

As a Tooling Engineer David was responsible for ensuring that new mold builds met corporate mold design and build standards. Additionally, he was responsible for developing a process for these molds that would produce a quality part at or below the estimated cycle time. Injection molding machine sizes ranged from 50 ton to 2000 ton.

He has also worked in the thermoset composites industry as a Product Development and Manufacturing engineer before being promoted to the role of Engineering Manager.

David is an in-demand consultant and trainer. He is also a respected researcher and has authored a number of technical papers which have been presented at various technical conferences within the plastics and rubber industries, including: SPE’s ANTEC, SPE’s Megatech, Mold Making Technology, Amerimold, International Rubber & Molding Conference, the Plastic Executive Conference, and other similar venues.

David earned an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Plastics Engineering Technology from Penn State Erie.

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