AIM’S Online Development Courses are an excellent resource for professionals seeking focused, subject-specific knowledge. These online classes are offered over four days and in four hour increments.

  • Plastic Materials
    Better understand material properties and their relationship to the finished part.
  • Mold Design
    Build your foundational knowledge of the 5 key systems of a mold and how each system affects final part quality.
  • Part Design
    Improve your ability to design for manufacturability and for performance over a product’s life span based on its intended use.
  • Injection Molding Processing
    Learn the fundamentals of injection molding processing and strategies for optimizing process development and

There may be grant funding available to help you pay for our Development Courses. Learn more.

*Please note that all courses are presented in English. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English in order to attend.