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Plastics Bootcamp

*Take one, two, or all five course modules!
– Plastic Materials
– Mold Design
– Injection Molding
– Part Design
– Simulation Analysis



Flow Grouping Diagnostics

Flow grouping is a science-based method of diagnosing the root cause of fill imbalances in your injection mold.

Learning and applying this technique in your operations will help you figure out what’s going on in your mold (is it steel, or is it shear?) more quickly and accurately – saving you time and money.



Autodesk Moldflow courses

Understanding and Applying Moldflow Simulation
Autodesk Moldflow Insight Fundamentals
Autodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced Flow
Autodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced Cool & Warp



Runner and Gating Design Strategies

The course begins by explaining various aspects of plastic flow within an injection mold and how it may influence shrink and Runner and Gating Design Strategieswarp in molded parts.

Students then learn several strategies used to decide on gate location(s) for a given part.

The course then teaches various design and layout strategies and considerations for both hot and cold runner systems including gating options and runner sizing strategies.