Process Engineering

AIM Institute Molding 3For molders responsible for process development incorporating flow simulation, process transfer, and machine performance evaluation. These molders will enhance their critical thinking skills through their acquired in-depth knowledge of molding and use of diagnostic tools.




Course Overview

This ANSB Accredited injection molding education is unlike anything else in our industry. The goal of Molding 3 is to give employees a robust toolbox of plastics knowledge, problem-solving techniques, critical thinking skills, and advanced processing methods so that when they do encounter a problem they are able to troubleshoot it effectively and creatively.

Molding 3 was created to help advanced molders solve the problems that others in their organizations cannot. This course is for high level molders who are responsible for setting your company’s molding processes and procedures. These individuals are considered your go-to molders; your key employees who are tasked to diagnose your most complex molding problems.

Molding 3 is taught by four high-level instructors with over 90 years of combined industry experience. Each instructor brings a unique skill set and body of experience to the program, providing varied perspectives and leading to a richer and more comprehensive educational experience.

*Please note that all courses and exams are presented in English. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English.




Learning Outcomes

Successful graduates of Molding 3 will have proven proficiency in being able to successfully:

  • Troubleshoot complex injection molding issues utilizing advanced knowledge of plastic materials, part design, mold design, and injection molding processing
  • Demonstrate progressive and innovative critical thinking skills
  • Incorporate mold filling simulation in process development, troubleshooting using a Fail Fast / Reduce Risk methodology, and facilitate beneficial Moldflow vs. Mold Floor communication
  • Transfer molds to multiple machines
  • Analyze current processes to identify potential issues and opportunities for process optimization
  • Oversee the implementation of process corrections and improvements
  • Apply advanced shrink and warp knowledge to better recognize and evaluate part and process issues
  • Conduct machine testing and apply the results to process development methodology (machine capabilities, Delta P for setting injection pressure limit, etc…), assessing machine capabilities for process transfer, and understanding the impact of machine performance on the molded part


Course Information

If you have any additional questions that we can help you with prior to enrolling, please let us know.

  • Prerequisites: Successfully completed Molding 2 or equivalent; interview with instructor prior to enrollment in course. Computer skills: Excel.
  • Location: AIM’s Headquarters in Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Length: 2 weeks of on-site classes, separated by 6 weeks of online reviews. Students will need to have access to WebEx software installation, computer, internet access, phone, email address for online reviews.
  • Cost: $4,500

How do I enroll?

All potential Molding 3 students begin by taking our Enrollment Evaluation. This evaluation measures current knowledge and skills directly related to the program and helps determine if the program is an ideal fit.

AIM’s Senior Processing Instructor, Jason Travitz, personally reviews the results of the evaluation with you and provides guidance for how you can best prepare for and be successful in the program.

*Please note that all courses and exams are presented in English. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English.


**Due to COVID-19, capacity for all in-person courses has been reduced. As such, payment for all in-person courses must be received prior to the start of the course.

Upcoming Molding 3 Courses

Upcoming Enrollment Classes:

Week 1: Sept 20-24, 2021   Week 2: Nov 15-19, 2021
Week 1: 
May 2-6, 2022        Week 2: Jun 20-24, 2022
Week 1: Oct 3-7, 2022          Week 2: Dec 5-9, 2022

*Molding 3 consists of a five day course, followed by 6-8 weeks of online reviews, then the second five day course.



There may be grant funding available to help you pay for Molding 3. Learn more.


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