Mechanics of Molding and Process Development

For Experienced Processors 

Molding 2 is a 10-day* injection molding training course for experienced processors. This course includes online reviews.




Course Overview

Molding 2 is for experienced molders who understand the basic components and functions of molding machines and the fundamental principles of the injection molding process. This training is for processors responsible for developing and documenting a molding process.

Molding 2 students will learn and be tested on their ability to develop molding processes on a variety of molding machines, starting with the machines in a zero condition. They will learn to develop, document, and defend their molding process while monitoring key factors to ensure the process is consistent.

Students will benefit from learning best practices for process development utilizing the AIM Process Development Methodology. AIM’s learning model is unique in our industry and is based on best educational practices backed by decades of academic research. This approach helps students solidify new concepts and retain their new knowledge at a much higher rate.

AIM incorporates the industry’s latest research and technology into the curriculum. AIM’s integration with the manufacturing arm of Beaumont, our dedicated Molders’ Series Advisory Board, and continuous industry feedback, helps ensure the methodologies we teach are what the industry actually needs.

AIM’s courses are all designed around the four key pillars in the injection molding process: plastic materials, part design, mold design, and injection molding processing. AIM believes the more a student understands about the relationships between these pillars, the better (s)he is able to resolve issues at the press. This knowledge allows graduates of Molding 2 to determine the root cause of part and process problems by evaluating all of the available data, including cycle and machine outputs, cycle data trends over time, and final part appearance and imperfections.

*Please note that all courses and exams are presented in English. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English.



Learning Outcomes

Successful graduates of Molding 2 will have proven proficiency in being able to successfully:

  • Walk up to an unfamiliar molding machine, understand the controls, and build a molding process from zero condition
  • Understand Flow Grouping Methodology to determine the root cause of a mold filling imbalance
  • Verify material preparation vs. moisture analysis
  • Develop and document the phases of a molding process: fill, pack & hold, cooling, mold open/close, part ejection
  • Convert between machine variables and plastic variables
  • Complete core calculations essential for injection molding, including area, volume, volumetric flow, F=PA, safe startup shot size, and unit conversion
  • Complete a mold tear down to observe mold construction
  • Identify the critical components and features of a mold to pinpoint deficiencies and opportunities for improvement
  • Utilize Microsoft Excel software and AIM’s proprietary Process Development Workbook to develop and document a 2-stage injection molding process
  • Configure water lines to mold design spec and verify turbulent flow through water lines
  • Operate a moisture analyzer and determine if plastic material is dried appropriately before molding
  • Interpret commonly used graphical data to troubleshoot molding issues
  • Understand the pitfalls of weight balancing alone and why this practice is not ideal for solving filling issues



Course Information

If you have any additional questions that we can help you with prior to enrolling, please let us know.

  • Prerequisites: Molding 2 candidates should have a foundational knowledge of the injection molding process as well as being able to operate Excel on computer.
  • Location: AIM’s Headquarters in Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Length: 2 weeks of on-site classes, separated by 6 weeks of online reviews. Students will need to have access to WebEx software installation, computer, internet access, phone, email address for online reviews.
  • Cost: $4,150


Upcoming Molding 2 Courses

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Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Sep 28 - 02, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $4,150.00 (USD)
*Molding 2 consists of a five day course, followed by 6-8 weeks of online reviews, then the second five day course.

Full Session Schedules:

Week 1: May 18-22, 2020            Week 2: July 6-10, 2020
Week 1: 
Sept 28-Oct 2, 2020      Week 2: November 9-13, 2020


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