Process Start-up & Replication

For Employees New to Processing

Molding 1 is a 5-day injection molding training course for novice molders and press operators.



Course Overview

Molding 1 is an ideal injection molding training course for new processors. This course sets molders up for career success by breaking down the molding process into its key elements, and giving them the essential tools they need to safely and efficiently start up and run a new mold or existing process as outlined by a given process sheet.

AIM trains students on the language of molding to help them better facilitate effective communication on their own shop floor. Molders are given enough background knowledge to allow them to gain the confidence they need to follow any provided instructions and understand the impact that they have on the molding process.

Processors leave Molding 1 with the know-how to catch and fix common, front-line molding issues and save time – and money – with increased efficiency and reduced scrap.

*Please note that all courses and exams are presented in English. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English.



Learning Outcomes

Graduates of Molding 1 will be given the knowledge to be able to:

  • Safely start up and run a mold on a variety of injection molding machines based on a provided process sheet
  • Perform effective front line (basic) troubleshooting
  • Communicate utilizing common industry terminology for molding machines and processes
  • Understand the basic relationship of the four key elements of the injection molding process and how each affects the final part
  • Recognize if a process is replicated incorrectly




Course Information

If you have any additional questions that we can help you with prior to enrolling, please let us know.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Location: AIM’s Headquarters in Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Length: 5 days
  • Cost: $2,450


Upcoming Molding 1 Courses

**Due to COVID-19, capacity for all in-person courses has been reduced. As such, payment for all in-person courses must be received prior to the start of the course.

Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
May 24 - 28, 2021 Erie, Pennsylvania $2,450.00 (USD)
Oct 25 - 29, 2021 Erie, Pennsylvania $2,450.00 (USD)

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