The AIM Institute is pleased to provide Autodesk Moldflow custom courses to fit your company’s specific needs.

Autodesk Moldflow custom courses are available for Autodesk Moldflow Insight Fundamentals, Insight Advanced Flow, and Insight Advanced Cool & Warp, as well as Autodesk Moldflow Adviser.

The courses are taught by Autodesk Moldflow Certified Experts. Our instructors not only teach, but also work as design engineers using the software every day, allowing them to know the “ins and outs” of the software and the ability to honestly express benefits and limitations.

In addition to custom courses, the AIM Institute offers test prep for Associate and Professional Certification, as well as WebEx support sessions.

There may be grant funding available to help you pay for Autodesk Moldflow Training courses Learn more.

Custom Classes

Classes can be customized based on your company’s specific needs

– Content can be customized to include customer-specific topics.
– Students are able to practice new concepts using their own parts.
– Classes are private– no need to worry about other students sharing information. We will gladly sign an NDA.

Please call us or fill out the form below to schedule your custom Moldflow training course.

Test Prep

Test preparation will include review sessions and sample test questions. We can schedule reviews either on-site or online via WebEx.

Users are not required to take Insight training courses before testing for certification, but it is strongly recommended.

Associate Level
  – Users that have completed Autodesk Moldflow Fundamentals can test for the Associate Level Certification.

Professional Level
  – Users that have completed all Autodesk Moldflow Insight classes (Fundamentals, Advanced Flow, and Cool & Warp) should have proficient understanding to test for the Professional Level Certification.

Please call us or fill out the form below for more information on our Associate and Professional test prep courses.

Webex Support

After completing any or all of the AIM Institute’s Autodesk Moldflow courses, students are able to schedule one (1) hour Webex sessions for follow-up support.



Please fill out the form below if you are interested in any of our Autodesk Moldflow custom courses. An AIM Institute representative will contact you to schedule the course.


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