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    January 21, 2015

    Visit us at NPE 2015!

    March 23, 2015

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    March 27, 2015

    Beaumont Creates American Injection Molding Institute

    What People Say

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    “Whatever your knowledge of injection molding is, whether you are in purchasing, production support, or research and development, you will all gain something extremely valuable from this (Injection Molding Development) course.

    I have received nothing but positive feedback from all divisions of our company after hosting this training. I highly recommend bringing this valuable knowledge into the hands of your teams.”

    W.L. Gore Logo

    Jesse Austin

    Sr. Industrial Engineer - W.L. Gore

    “AIM has extremely knowledgeable instructors. Some of the most brilliant minds I have encountered in 20 years in Injection Molding. The knowledge I have gained is invaluable. You have a program that is going to change the industry.

    The education is better than anything I learned in school 20 years ago. Honestly the last 4 hours and flow groups in the molding portion (of PTE) was worth the cost of the course. I have already used that to assist in 2 issues. Having a foundation to understand WHY things happen the way they do is huge. Using all the building blocks AIM has provided this far has changed my thought process. That I’d say is the biggest benefit.”

    Phillips Medsize

    Chad Johnson

    Senior Process Engineer - Phillips Medisize

    “The American Injection Molding Institute has delivered a curriculum which offers the plastics industry a new standard of professional and technical education.

    By listening to the needs of industry and bridging the gap between university preparation and schedule driven product industrialization, AIM provides the auto industry immediate value for professional development investment.

    The comprehensive balance at AIM between product design, material science, tooling and manufacturing process validation, aligns with the real challenges inherent to all plastic product development.”

    GM logo

    Ron Daul

    Director Global Polymer Center & Additive Manufacturing - General Motors

    “The [Understanding and Applying Moldflow] course went above and beyond what I expected, and it was laid out in a way that was easy to understand.

    This course was very informative and insightful, and provided very valuable knowledge to our company. Most of the students attending had little to no experience in injection molding, and all walked away with a good understanding of the basic concepts.

    Jenn was a fantastic instructor! She presented the content in a way that was easy to understand. We were especially impressed with how well she answered all of our questions! It was very evident Jenn is incredibly knowledgeable about the subject, and her expertise in teaching.

    I really liked the student engagement that was worked into the course. Being able to provide answers, and explanations of those answers, really challenged us to think critically about the content.”

    SpaceX SQ

    Sam Body

    Materials Engineer II - SpaceX

    “At Cepheid, nothing short of exceeding our customer’s expectation each and every time is considered acceptable. It takes world-class methods, behaviors, and practices from top-notch talented people to achieve those types of goals. The PTE Certificate Program from AIM has been a foundation of both the training plans and continuous improvement rigor we apply to our personnel development and our approaches to design, development, and validation of injection molded components.”

    Cepheid Logo

    Patrick Kippes

    Director Component and Tool Engineering - Cepheid

    “I want to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the PTE Program. Walking in, I had a very limited understanding of how this whole plastics world works. I would see quality issues and would say go fix it. Now I know it’s not that easy. I don’t have to look at the team with a blank stare anymore. I now know and understand what they are talking about, and I can be an active member of problem solving vs a translator to the customer in hopes I got it right. This program is fantastic and I am honored to be an alumni. Thanks for everything.”

    Thogus logo

    LeeAnn Thompson

    Quality Manager - Thogus

    “I want to personally thank you for coming together and creating the content for the Processing section of the PTE Program. Directly because of the knowledge gained in this course, I was able to assist in solving a major production problem last week that was not only costing us lost time and money, but was causing repeated damage to a complicated tool. This course contained the techniques, principals and enough practical application to give me the confidence and ability to correctly diagnose and correct a poorly set up process.”

    Whelen logo

    Jim Putnam

    Mold / Tooling Engineer - Whelen

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