• Online Courses

  • Autodesk Moldflow Adviser

    2 Days
    Students will use Adviser learn how to become more efficient at creating digital prototypes, running analysis and interpreting results of all analysis types available in the Adviser package.
    From $1,890.00
  • Autodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced Cool & Warp

    3 Days
    Autodesk Moldflow Advanced Cool and Warp covers cooling overview, including cooling modeling requirements, cooling strategies and cooling optimization.
    From $3,255.00
  • Autodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced Flow

    2 Days
    In this course, students learn about the more complex analysis types available in Autodesk Moldflow Insight that were not covered in the Autodesk Moldflow Insight Fundamentals course
    From $2,705.00
  • Autodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced Flow + Advanced Cool & Warp Combo

    5 Days
    Take both Advanced Flow and Advanced Cool & Warp back to back.
    From $5,355.00
  • Autodesk Moldflow Insight Fundamentals

    Three Days
    In this course, students learn features, functionalities and workflows in Autodesk Moldflow Insight through hands-on exercises.
    From $2,705.00
  • Autodesk Moldflow Understanding & Applying Moldflow Simulation

    2 Days
    We teach students how to interpret what those “pretty pictures” mean so that they can comprehend and question what their analyst is telling them by coupling the course with an overview of plastics and plastic flow as related to the injection molding process.
    From $1,675.00
  • Plastics Bootcamp: Seven Modules

    7 half-days
    The Plastics Bootcamp provides course attendees with the introductory, core information they need to understand the basics of each primary discipline of the plastic injection molding industry and what it takes to make a plastic part.
    From $2,625.00