Understanding Shrink and WarpThe Understanding Shrink and Warp course by AIM Institute is designed for those involved in plastic part and mold design, processing and troubleshooting warped parts.

The course begins with in-depth discussions on plastics and plastic flow, and then dives deeper into understanding and recognizing volumetric versus orientation-induced shrinkage, and how each causes parts to warp. Students will learn thought processes that help them distinguish between the two types of shrink, and how to isolate possible root causes within each. Students also learn various strategies for reducing warp by evaluating options in part design, mold design and processing.

Course Dates

Date Range Price Quantity View Cart
May 22, 2018 - May 23, 2018 $875.00 (USD)
Oct 09, 2018 - Oct 10, 2018 $875.00 (USD)


  • Understanding amorphous and semi-crystalline materials
  • Linking PVT diagrams to injection molding
  • Fundamental plastic flow characteristics
  • Understanding viscosity and its role on process and part quality
  • Videos of plastic flowing through molds
  • Misunderstandings of laminar and turbulent flow
  • Shear rate versus shear stress
  • Myths of Melt Flow Index
  • Different types of plastic shrinkage
  • Different types of warp
  • Strategies for predicting warp
  • Effect of fillers on shrink and warp
  • How process can affect shrink and warp
  • Mold and part design strategies for reducing warp
  • How orientation can make or break a part
  • How gate location affects warp
  • Pitfalls of common part design guidelines
  • Breakout session for evaluating warped parts

Additional Information

  • Course duration is two (2) days
  • Price for both days: $875 USD
  • Courses are held 6100 West Ridge Road, Erie, PA 16506 USA
  • Participants receive a course manual