Plastics 101 is an ideal course for anyone looking for an introduction to the plastic injection molding industry.

Attendees will be given an overview of the four key pillars of the injection molding process: plastic materials, mold design, injection molding, and part design. In addition, we will introduce the practical use of mold filling simulation. This course includes two hands-on labs.

If you are looking to gain a better understanding of the injection molding industry, this is the course for you.



What Will I Learn?

Plastics 101 begins with an overview of the different types of plastic materials and their common uses. Discussions will cover plastic material characteristics, shrink and warp, and viscosity.

The course will then explore mold design and the five key systems of a mold. Attendees will participate in a hands-on mold disassembly and reassembly lab.

Students will then learn about injection molding machines and various methods used to develop a molding process. Common injection molding defects and their root causes are discussed. Students will then participate is a live injection molding process development lab.

The course then teaches basic part design guidelines, and it will conclude with an overview of mold filling simulation.


How Long Is the Course?

Plastics 101 is two days long.


Who Should Attend Plastics 101?

This is an ideal introductory course for anyone looking to gain a well-rounded view of the injection molding industry overall, including: new hires, non-plastics engineers entering into the plastics industry, or non-technical personnel such as sales, marketing, and finance.


How Much Is It?

The cost for the two-day course, including all course materials, breakfast, and lunch each day, is $1,300.


How Do I Register?

Review the course dates in the table below, and click on the Purchase button to begin the registration process.

*Please note that Plastics 101 is presented in English only. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English in order to attend.


Is There a Course Outline?

Yes! Here is a detailed list of topics that will be covered:

• Common industry terms and equations
• Plastics history
• Plastic materials & classifications
• Material shrinkage
• Plastic flow
• Mold design
• Lab 1: mold tear-down and build
• Injection molding processing
• Common process terminology
• Common part defects and root causes
• Lab 2: process development
• Part design
• Mold filling simulation

Available Course Dates

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Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Jun 23 - 24, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD)
Aug 11 - 12, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD)
Nov 17 - 18, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD)


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