Plastic Flow and Design Essentials for Mold Makers and DesignersThe Plastic Flow and Design Essentials for Mold Makers and Designers course by the AIM Institute is specifically designed for mold makers, designers and tooling engineers.

The goal of this course is to teach mold design and manufacturing strategies for improving the molding process and resulting part quality through an understanding of plastic flow. Plastic Flow and Design Essentials for Mold Makers and Designers provides an overview of the injection molding process and what the plastic experiences as it flows through the mold. Students will learn strategies for optimizing mold cooling, gating and runner system designs. In addition, an innovative approach for debugging molds and tracking mold maintenance and other tooling related issues will be taught.

Course Dates


  • Overview of injection molding machines and molding process
  • Molding terminology
  • Understanding plastics and plastic flow characteristics
  • Videos of plastic flowing in molds
  • Understanding viscosity
  • Understanding pressure drop
  • Effect of tolerances on plastic flow
  • How much gate variation is too much
  • Series versus parallel mold cooling
  • Strategies for optimizing mold cooling designs
  • How to verify turbulent flow in cooling lines
  • Types of hot and cold runner systems
  • Runner sizing techniques
  • Gate design and location strategies
  • Cold slug wells and venting
  • Clamp tonnage estimations
  • Mold design practices that create variations

Additional Information

  • Course duration is two (2) days
  • Price for both days: $875
  • Courses are held 6100 West Ridge Road, Erie, PA 16506 USA
  • Participants receive a course manual