Part Design Course

AIM’s Part Design Development Course is structured to improve your ability to design for manufacturability and for performance over your product’s lifespan.



What Will I Learn?

Part Design begins with a review of fundamental plastic material characteristics – including shrink and warp – that are essential in understanding the complexities of both mechanical and dimensional performance.

Next, we will discuss common plastic part design guidelines and why these guidelines exist so that attendees understand the consequences of deviating from, and in some cases abiding by, those guidelines.

We then dive into strategies you can use when designing for mechanical performance, covering topics including stress, strain, and modulus. This is followed by education on the impact that time, temperature, moisture, strain, and stress concentrations have on the final part design.

We incorporate practical applications, including snap fits, press fits, and beams, into the course to bolster the attendee’s opportunity for learning.

Part Design concludes with a discussion on the key aspects of part cost estimation and methods for quickly evaluating cost based on the performance properties vs. the traditional method of dollars per pound.


How Long Is the Course?

The Part Design Development Course is two days long.


Who Should Attend the Part Design Development Course?

This course will be helpful for anyone involved in the part design process who wants to improve their ability to design for manufacturability.


How Much Is It?

To attend the course at AIM’s Headquarters in Erie, PA, the cost for the two-day seminar, including all course materials, breakfast, and lunch each day, is $1,300. We are also offering a special session in November in Charlotte, NC for $1,575.


How Do I Register?

Review the course dates in the table below, and click on the Purchase button to begin the registration process.


Is There a Course Outline?

Yes! Here is a detailed list of topics that will be covered:

• Key performance characteristics of amorphous and semi-crystalline materials
• Molecular weight and its effect on performance properties
• Crystallinity and its effect on material properties
• Classifications of plastic shrinkage
• Advantages & disadvantages of common part design guidelines
• The impact the part design has on mold complexity and cost
• Mechanical properties of stress, strain, modulus
• Time dependent behavior of creep, stress relaxation, and fatigue
• Environmental impacts of temperature and moisture
• Labs: snap fits, press fits, and beams.
• Methods for estimating part costs

Available Course Dates

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Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Nov 06 - 07, 2019 Charlotte, North Carolina $1,575.00 (USD)
Nov 12 - 13, 2019 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD) Sold Out
Sold Out
Mar 17 - 18, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD)
Jul 20 - 21, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD)
Dec 03 - 04, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD)

*You can take our Injection Molding Development Course from November 14-15 in conjunction with our Part Design course!*

Classroom Locations

AIM Institute’s Headquarters
6100 West Ridge Road
Erie, PA 16506

Polymers Center
8900 Research Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

AUBURN HILLS, MI (Detroit area)
INCOE Headquarters
2850 High Meadow Circle
Auburn Hills, MI  48326

SCHAUMBURG, IL (Chicago area)
Sodick: Yamazen Building
735 E. Remington Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173


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