Mold Start-up, Debug and QualificationThe Mold Start-up, Debug and Qualification course at AIM Institute is designed for anyone getting molds into production and learning how to optimize the performance of existing molds.

Common mold bench test and start-up procedures are reviewed with the goal of getting students to better understand and question those procedures from the plastic’s perspective. The course then teaches a systematic Flow Grouping method for identifying and isolating root causes of variations seen during mold start-up. The course uses both in-class and hands-on lab sessions to help enforce the strategies being taught and reduce the time spent on mold debug and qualification.




March 28-29, 2018

An AIM instructed, specialized, off-site two-day course at the Manufacturer’s Association in York, PA. Click here to learn more!



September 26-27, 2018

An AIM instructed, specialized, off-site two-day course at the Polymers Center in Charlotte,  NC. Click here to learn more!



  • Mold bench test procedures
  • Mold start-up procedures
  • Mold design & build checklist
  • Estimating a safe start-up shot size
  • Verifying machine capacity versus shot size
  • How to verify turbulent flow in your cooling system
  • Understanding melt density
  • Fundamental plastic flow characteristics
  • Videos of plastic flowing in molds
  • How pressure drop affects the process & part quality
  • Myths of Melt Flow Index
  • How much machine variation is too much
  • Common mold design pitfalls that limit your process
  • Procedure for identifying Flow Groups in your molds
  • Using Flow Groups to optimize mold debug & qualification
  • Applying Flow Groups throughout key departments
  • Hands-on lab session