The Mold Design development course provides students with a solid understanding of the five main systems of a mold: melt delivery system, cooling system, structural system, venting system and ejection system. The content provides a foundation of the systems and how they affect the formation of the plastic part and its associate part quality.

Course Highlights:

  • Lab: Mold tear down and assembly
  • 2-Plate versus 3-plate mold bases
  • Understanding plastics and plastic flow characteristics
  • Videos of plastic flowing in molds
  • Understanding pressure drop
  • Strategies for using different tool steels
  • How to read mold prints
  • Cooling cart demonstration
  • Series versus parallel mold cooling
  • Strategies for optimizing mold cooling designs
  • How to verify turbulent flow in cooling lines
  • Flow through baffles versus bubblers
  • Structural considerations in plate deflection
  • Clamp tonnage estimations myths
  • Core/cavity alignment and pocketing techniques
  • Ejection strategies for forming undercuts
  • Types of hot and cold runner systems
  • Runner sizing techniques
  • Gate design and location strategies
  • Cold slug well design strategies
  • Venting details and strategies
  • Mold design practices to avoid

This course is designed to provide students with a solid working knowledge of mold design and manufacturing. The course begins with a brief introduction to plastics and injection molding. The remainder of the course is spent breaking down the mold into the five systems and discussing strategies for each one that have a direct impact on part quality. Students will also learn how to identify common mold components and systems on mold prints. Students will also learn questions to ask during a mold design review process and strategies to employ when troubleshooting a mold. The course also provides an active learning session where students will disassemble and reassemble a mold in our injection molding lab.



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May 22 - 23, 2019 Charlotte, North Carolina $1,575.00 (USD)



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