AIM’s Mold Design Development Course will help attendees gain a working knowledge of mold design and manufacturing.

We break a mold down into its five systems and provide discussions on design strategies for each.

Our hands-on labs set this course apart from others in the industry!



What Will I Learn?

We kick off Mold Design by identifying the five key systems of a mold: melt delivery, cooling, structural, venting, and ejection. We will discuss the foundations of each system and how they all affect the formation of the plastic part and the final part quality.

Through the lecture and labs, including a mold tear down and assembly, mold print reading, and a cooling cart demonstration, students learn to identify these common mold components, both on industry molds and on mold prints.

Attendees will learn to evaluate mold design based on the 5 systems and recognize design features that could be improved. They will also learn troubleshooting strategies and the right questions to ask during a mold review process.


How Long Is the Course?

The Mold Design Development Course is two days long.


Who Should Attend Mold Design?

This course is for anyone looking to better understand fundamental mold design strategies and what to look for during mold design reviews and troubleshooting.


How Much Is It?

To attend the course at AIM’s Headquarters in Erie, PA, the cost for the two-day seminar, including all course materials, breakfast, and lunch each day, is $1,300.


How Do I Register?

Review the course dates in the table below, and click on the Purchase button to begin the registration process.


Is There a Course Outline?

Yes! Here is a detailed list of topics that will be covered:

• Lab 1: Mold tear down and assembly
• Lab 2: Reading mold prints
• Lab 3: Cooling cart
• Selecting a 2-Plate versus 3-plate mold base
• Understanding in-mold pressure drop and its variables
• Series versus parallel mold cooling designs
• Strategies for optimizing mold cooling
• How to verify turbulent flow
• Baffles and bubblers
• Structural considerations in plate deflection
• Core/cavity alignment and pocketing techniques
• Ejection strategies for forming undercuts
• Types of hot and cold runner systems
• Runner sizing strategies
• Gate design and location strategies
• Venting details and strategies

Available Course Dates

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Date Location Price Quantity View Cart
Jan 09 - 10, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD)
May 14 - 15, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD)
Oct 15 - 16, 2020 Erie, Pennsylvania $1,300.00 (USD)

*You can take our Plastic Materials Development Course from October 8-9 prior to this Mold Design course!*

Classroom Locations

AIM Institute’s Headquarters
6100 West Ridge Road
Erie, PA 16506

Polymers Center
8900 Research Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

AUBURN HILLS, MI (Detroit area)
INCOE Headquarters
2850 High Meadow Circle
Auburn Hills, MI  48326

SCHAUMBURG, IL (Chicago area)
Sodick: Yamazen Building
735 E. Remington Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173


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