The Injection Molding development course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the injection molding process, including AIM’s unique approach to scientific molding process development and troubleshooting methods utilizing Flow Groups.

Course Highlights:

  • Lab demonstration: AIM’s process development strategies
  • Cooling cart demonstration
  • Mold bench test procedures
  • First & second stage process development methods
  • Determining pressure drop in mold
  • Various methods for identifying ideal fill times
  • Use of simulation in process development
  • Determining a safe start-up shot size
  • Impact of shot size on the molding process
  • How to verify turbulent flow in your cooling system
  • Fundamental plastic flow characteristics
  • Pressure drop and its effect on the process & part quality
  • Procedure for identifying Flow Groups in your molds
  • Using Flow Groups to troubleshoot variations
  • Strategies to reduce mold debug and qualification time

The course begins by discussing various mold bench tests that can help eliminate wasted time during the process development phase. The course then progresses into cooling and material drying strategies while discussing the impact each has on the molding process and part performance based on the material being molded. Next the course dives deep into scientific molding methods for both first stage and second stage while questioning the science and results of some of those methods. As a result, AIM’s adaptive molding process development strategies are presented as a next step in process development. These research and strategies are presented in-class and through an instructor-led demonstration in our injection molding lab. Finally, the course teaches a unique method for troubleshooting variations in part quality through Flow Grouping as a way reduce the time spent on mold debug and qualification.



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Sep 05, 2018 - Sep 06, 2018 $1,300.00 (USD)


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