Our Injection Molding Development Course is designed to help attendees gain an in-depth understanding of injection molding machines and common practices used to establish and troubleshoot a molding process.

We will discuss our unique, research-backed approach to injection molding process development and how to troubleshoot variations utilizing our proprietary Flow Grouping methodologies.



What Will I Learn?

The Injection Molding Development Course begins with a discussion of the various types of molding machines and considerations when utilizing each type of machine.

From there, the course dives into plastic materials and the influence that material properties have on the molding process. This discussion progresses into additional processing considerations including melt temperature and mold cooling.

Attendees will then learn AIM’s scientific molding process development methods for both first stage and second stage process settings. These concepts are reinforced through an instructor-led demonstration in our injection molding lab.

The course concludes with unique strategies for troubleshooting variations in mold filling and part quality through AIM’s Flow Grouping methodology,used to reduce mold debug and qualification times.


How Long Is the Course?

The Injection Molding Processing Development Course is two days long.


Who Should Attend the Injection Molding Processing Development Course?

This course is for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the injection molding process and learn more efficient methods for troubleshooting processing issues on the shop floor.


How Much Is it?

The registration fee includes all course materials and breakfast and lunch each day.

  • Erie, PA: $1,300
  • Suwanee, GA (Sumitomo): $1,575

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How Do I Register?

Review the course dates in the table below, and click on the Purchase button to begin the registration process.

*Please note that Injection Molding Processing is presented in English only. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English in order to attend.


Is There a Course Outline?

Yes! Here is a detailed list of topics that will be covered:

• Lab demonstration: AIM’s process development strategies
• Machine clamping systems
• Different types of injection units
• Understanding intensification ratio
• Plastic material’s influence on process development
• Material drying and measurement of moisture
• Methods for measuring melt temperature
• Plastic variables vs. machine variables
• First & second stage process development methods
• Clamp tonnage estimations
• Use of Moldflow simulation in process development
• How to determining a safe start-up shot size
• Machine capacity versus shot size discussion
• Issues with the in-mold pressure loss study
• Mold cooling strategies
• Using Flow Groups to troubleshoot part quality variations

Available Course Dates

**Due to COVID-19, capacity for all in-person courses has been reduced. As such, payment for all in-person courses must be received prior to the start of the course.

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