Hot and Cold Runner SystemsThe Hot and Cold Runner Systems course by AIM Institute is designed for those involved in selecting, designing and optimizing melt delivery systems.

The goal of the Hot and Cold Runner Systems course is to provide students with an understanding of plastic flow and how it relates to design strategies for hot and cold runner systems. The course teaches techniques for identifying gate locations, and continues with related discussions about hot and cold runner systems. The course then progresses into the many aspects of runner design, including the different methods used to size runners and gates. Throughout the course many molding myths are debunked, while common design pitfalls are identified so that students can immediately make improvements to the process window and part quality.

Course Dates

Date Range Price Quantity View Cart
Mar 13, 2018 - Mar 14, 2018 $875.00 (USD)
Sep 12, 2018 - Sep 13, 2018 $875.00 (USD)


  • Gate design and location strategies
  • Overview of different types of hot runner systems
  • Selecting a hot runner or cold runner system
  • Fundamental plastic flow characteristics
  • Videos of plastic flowing in molds
  • Formulas for sizing gates
  • Formulas for sizing cold runner systems
  • Strategies for sizing cold runner systems
  • How to calculate pressure drop
  • Selecting a cold runner layouts
  • Impact of runner shape on efficiency
  • Engineer family molds for success
  • Common mold and part design pitfalls
  • Types of Rheological Control Systems
  • Runner ejection design guidelines
  • Best practices for cold slug wells
  • Common molding myths

Additional Information

  • Course duration is two (2) days
  • Price for both days: $875 USD
  • Courses are held 6100 West Ridge Road, Erie, PA 16506
  • Participants receive a course manual