Special Course!
August 4-6, 2020

Renowned plastics expert “The Material Analyst” Mike Sepe is returning to AIM’s headquarters to teach a special course on Plastic Part Failure Analysis.

Attendees will learn the relationship between the five factors that determine whether a plastic product is successful or a failure.

The course emphasizes prevention of failures with real-world examples and studies.



What Will I Learn?

Failure Analysis will cover the relationship between the five factors that determine whether a plastic product is successful or fails: part design, mold design, material selection, processing, and product testing and validation. The course focuses on the fundamentals associated with each factor.

Considerable emphasis will be placed on failure prevention. We will utilize real-world examples to highlight the good and bad decisions that are behind successful and unsuccessful applications.

Principles of the failure analysis process are also covered as well as the economics of effective corrective action.

The course will delve into the tools of failure analysis, including testing methods that can rapidly and definitively determine the root cause for a failure so that the appropriate steps can be implemented to provide for a permanent solution.

Case studies will be provided to highlight the principles and practices associated with failure analysis.


How Long Is the Course?

The Failure Analysis Course is three days long.


Who Should Attend Failure Analysis

This course is for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of why plastic parts fail, how to most effectively troubleshoot to determine a root cause, and how to implement corrective actions to avoid repeat failures.


How Much Is It?

The cost for the three-day seminar, including all course materials, breakfast, and lunch each day, is $1,950.


How Do I Register?

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*Please note that Failure Analysis is presented in English only. Students should be fluent in understanding, reading, and writing English in order to attend.

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