AIM’S Development Courses are an excellent resource for professionals seeking focused, subject-specific knowledge over a two-day period. Improve your understanding of the four key disciplines of the injection molding process and how each discipline impacts the final part.

Available Courses:

  • Plastics 101
    An ideal course for anyone looking for an introduction to the plastic injection molding industry
  • Plastic Materials
    Better understand material properties and their relationship to the finished part
  • Mold Design
    Build your foundational knowledge of the 5 key systems of a mold and how each system affects final part quality
  • Part Design
    Improve your ability to design for manufacturability and for performance over a product’s life span based on its intended use
  • Injection Molding Processing
    Learn the fundamentals of injection molding processing and strategies for optimizing process development and troubleshooting
  • Plastic Material Selection & Testing *Taught by Mike Sepe*
    This course discusses plastic material selection from a systematic perspective, emphasizing matching fundamental material properties to the part’s expected use

There may be grant funding available to help you pay for our Development Courses. Learn more.