The AIM Institute’s Plastics Professional Continuing Education & Training Series provides employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to help increase efficiency and profitability.

What makes The AIM Institute courses different from other training courses?

  • Focus on education versus training
  • Not more of the ‘same old process training’
  • Emphasize the in-depth relationships between plastic flow, mold & part design, processing, & part quality
  • Teach students how to implement state-of-the-art design & diagnostic strategies
  • Teach students how to engineer solutions based on science, not habits
  • Get students to think through complex questions & problems by considering all variables
  • Encourage students to question each procedure or habit with: why do they do it & how can it be done better

*NEW* Quality Systems for Medical Injection Molding

This course is for both student’s from OEM companies (customer) and molding companies (supplier) to learn what key processes are required to create a winning team relationship between the two groups…

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Mold Start up, Debug and Qualification

Mold Start-up, Debug & QualificationThis course is for anyone involved in getting molds into production and optimizing the performance of existing molds. Common mold bench test and start-up procedures …

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Hot & Cold Runner Systems

Hot & Cold Runner SystemsThis course is designed for those involved in selecting, designing and optimizing melt delivery systems. The goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of plastic …

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Injection Molding & Root Cause Analysis for QC/QA

Injection Molding & Root Cause Analysis for QC/QAThis course is tailored for those involved in any aspect of quality control or quality assurance for injection molding. The course begins with an overview of the injection molding machine, process  …

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Understanding Shrink and Warp

Understanding Shrink and WarpThis course is designed for those involved in plastic part and mold design, processing and troubleshooting warped parts. The course begins with in-depth discussions on plastics and plastic flow  …

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Mold Design for Project Engineers

Mold Design for Project EngineersThis course is designed for project engineers and those new to mold design. The goal of this course is to provide students with a basic working knowledge of plastics, injection molding  …

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Plastic Flow & Design Essentials for Mold Makers/Designers

Plastic Flow & Design Essentials for Mold Makers/DesignersThis course is specifically designed for moldmakers/designers and tooling engineers. The goal of this course is to teach mold design and manufacturing strategies for improving the molding process …

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Understanding & Applying Flow Simulation

Understanding & Applying Flow SimulationThis course is for those who have a desire to understand the ins and outs of mold filling simulation. We teach students how to interpret what those “pretty pictures” mean so that they can comprehend …

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