The Plastics Technology & Engineering (PTE) certificate program at the AIM Institute provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the four essential components of an injection molded plastic product:

Developed by leading industry professionals and educators, the AIM Institute certificate program is grounded in the philosophy that no matter the job function within the plastics industry, it is imperative to have the core knowledge of what makes up injection molded products. The certificate program provides both foundation and advanced science-based content that previously was only available through a university-affiliated plastics engineering or engineering technology degree program.


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The program’s lectures, labs, exercises and projects are designed to develop a comprehensive understanding of the highly complex interrelationship of these core components and their combined influences on a final molded part. The AIM Institute recognizes that it is essential to establish and develop a science and engineering founded knowledge base in order to develop critical thinking. It is through critical thinking that innovation is
fostered and root cause solutions to the industries chronic problems can be sought.

The new AIM Institute PTE certificate program was  founded by Professor John Beaumont who helped develop and chaired the Plastics Engineering Technology program at Penn State Erie. With Beaumont as head instructor the roster also includes plastics guru’s Michael Sepe and John Bozzelli who will be serving as adjunct instructors in the certificate program as well Dave Hoffman, the former senior instructor at Beaumont.

To maximize a student’s opportunity for learning, the AIM Institute’s PTE certificate program is uniquely structured. Recognizing that studies have shown that a student will retain as little as 15% of what is taught in a short term course, the AIM Institute extends each course over an extended period. For each course within the program a student begins with a week of concentrated lecture, labs and exercises at the AIM Institute. Following this, the instructors continue the education process through regular online meetings over the next several months. The AIM Institute practices active learning methods which are proven to maximize student retention.


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