AIM Instructor Jason Travitz

The Injection Molding (IM) Certificate Program is designed to provide the next level of understanding current state-of-the-art process methodologies, next generation process methods developed by the AIM Institute, and the use of flow simulation to aid in establishing and troubleshooting the molding process.

The IM Program is founded upon the principle that a process technician/engineer must understand the relationship between the four pillars of the injection molding industry in order to be successful in building a capable and robust process:

  • Plastic Materials
  • Mold Design
  • Injection molding
  • Part Design

The pillar relationships will be taught and reinforced using hands-on experiments performed by the students. The students will learn how to utilize the knowledge and experimental data for building, documenting and replicating the injection molding process while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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» IM Program Format

The IM certificate program follows the AIM Institute’s unique and proven structure designed to increase knowledge retention:

  1. Five days at the AIM Institute for lecture and labs focused on understanding the four pillars
  2. After the five days, the course material will be reinforced with approximately five weeks of on-line classes, reviews and homework assignments
  3. The students will return for five additional days of hands-on processing labs
  4. Immediately following, students will go through two days of both written and hands-on processing skills examination
  5. Each student must meet all exam and attendance requisites in order to earn the Injection Molding Certificate

» Pre-Requisites

This program is designed for students who already have a solid understanding of the molding process and are familiar with starting and running an injection molding machine. Students will be interviewed by an AIM Instructor prior to enrolling into the AIM Institute’s Injection Molding Certificate Program.

» How to Enroll into the IM Program

  1. REQUEST to be interviewed for the enrollment
  2. COMPLETE the interview with an AIM Institute Instructor
  3. REGISTER into the IM Program

» Instructors

The IM Certificate Program instructors are Jason Travitz and David Hoffman.